Interactive Scenario Builder (Builder) is a three-dimensional, interactive Radio Frequency (RF) Tactical Decision Aid (TDA). As a mission planning tool, Builder aids war fighters in the tactical decision making process by providing insight into and visualization of the RF capabilities of platforms in addition to providing geospatial and temporal situational awareness (SA).

Builder models communication and radar systems by calculating one- and two-way RF propagation loss . Computations incorporate complex antenna and radar cross section (RCS) pattern data as well as the effects of meteorology, terrain, and countermeasures. Builder enhances the war fighter's geospatial SA by visualizing NGA map products including CADRG and CIB imagery and DTED elevation data. Builder can be used for pre-mission planning, near real-time SA, and after-action debriefing.

Our mission is to provide DoD customers an understanding of situational awareness with a focus on the RF environment.

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